Raspbian Image

Raspbian Operating System with Web 2.0 Mash software preinstalled

Many requests we get about the Web 2.0 Mash software are basically questions about GNU/Linux and Raspbian OS in particular.

To minimize questions of this type in future we now provide a custom image with Web 2.0 Mash software preinstalled. Fortunately free software gives us the ability to do so.

The Image can be used for Raspberry Pi 1 (entirely sufficient) and 2. Model 3 is currently untested but should also work.


Default settings


Image for fango PCB hardware
(Default Web 2.0 Mash settings: Fango PCB Hardware)

Generic Image
(Default Web 2.0 Mash settings: 1-Wire temperatire sensor on GPIO4 via owserver and mains plug on USB)

If an installation instruction is needed just have a look at the official Raspbian image manual. Just use the provided image instead of the official one.

contact: "vorname von sven" at fangobräu.de